Personal Loans

Personal loan

Are you running short of funds to start your New Business or do you want funds for your wedding or family holiday? There are the most common times in life when you fall short of funds. At Convergence Finance, we offer personal loans easy to achieve your most urgent needs and pay it off in the future with easy repayments and term of your choice.

Whether you want to book an overseas trip or even consolidate your debts, we, at Convergence Finance, will show you the types of personal loans that are available with us. You can choose one depending on your needs and comfort level. We lend you the funds to fulfill your needs and also offer the best financial guidance that will help you to repay at affordable rates of interest at most suitable term.


Why choose us for your personal loan needs?

  • We apprise you of the benefits of a personal loan and the disadvantages of taking a loan on your credit card.
  • Fast Approvals – Most personal loans with Convergence Finance get approval within 24 Hours.
  • Most personal loans are easier to pay off and the borrower pays a lot less on the interest, unlike credit card loans. We identify your exact need, do the research for you to uncover the best personal loan for you.
  • Choice in interest rate Options – You can choose from fixed or variable rate options available with us as expedient to your pocket.
  • We also provide tailored loan solutions to meet your individual needs.
  • Less paper work – We require less paperwork and fast processing in comparison to other providers.

Still have doubts? Give us a call, our experts will be happy to serve you.

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