Home Loan

Home Loan

Buying a new home is often the biggest dream and investment in an individual’s life. The entire process of purchasing a property is fraught with many challenges and you could be misled while buying your Dream Home. So it’s very important to understand your current compulsions and future responsibilities. At Convergence Finance, we understand the hassles of buying a home, that’s why we guide our clients from beginning to end whether it’s about buying an apartment or a home.

We at Convergence Finance assure our clients with most reliable information on loan type they can get and guide them on the best options for repayments. We always consider borrower(s) financial situations while prescribing a loan option.

Our expert team of lenders is available on call to analyse our client’s current information and to tell them how much amount they can borrow with current financial liabilities. Our services are straight forward which requires less paperwork and fast processing.


Each home buyer is different from the other so it makes sense to opt for a flexible home loan that fits the individual needs. We make the entire home loan process less daunting. As a home loan specialist, we inform home buyers on the likely steps in the process and offer a personable service when it comes to the big investment of an individual’s life.

Whether you are interested in buying a new home or even opt for refinancing of an existing home loan, our expert’s give you precise information of your repayments based on your home loan amount. We help you set realistic targets when it comes to buying a home. We also determine the loan type that is best suited for you and the interest rate you will be paying.


Falling short of funds or Low valuation?

If you are falling short of funds due to a lower valuation of your property than the purchased price, Convergence Finance can help you to fill the shortfall by providing bridging finance through our private lending arm.

Investment property loans

Adding wealth by investing in property is a popular choice for the people as the stock market is unstable nowadays. We work with our clients to choose a right product to invest with best interest rates available. Our experts will review your current income, assets and guide you, how much you can afford to invest after compiling your current liabilities. We, at Convergence, Finance make sure you get the highest return on your investments as possible. We source finance for both first time investors and experienced investors with multiple properties.

Refinance a Home Loan

Often people keep paying a home loan they borrowed at day one. With the changes in the current market, interest rates change, product change, even your own financial situations change, then why to stay with the same home loan. We at Convergence Finance always ready to review your current home loan at free of cost. If we found you are paying higher interest rates, we recommend you a strategy which in the long run will save you money. If you currently have a variable loan, the cost to change loans can be minimal.

Still have doubts? Give us a call, our experts will be happy to serve you.

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